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Hi, I'm Rachel.


I spent my early career in Corporate America, working and living in a constant rush with barely a moment to come up for air. I took pride in being super productive, but I was also exhausted and feeling out of alignment with the world around me.


When Covid hit my employer's operations grinded to almost a complete halt. I was working from home and suddenly realized how stale my living environment had been. My home needed more LIFE.

So I decided to make a change. I started adding plants - just a few at first - and I quickly realized how much I enjoyed everything about my new hobby. The caretaking, the propagating, the troubleshooting, the fulfillment, and the community. 

BeLeaf You Me was created with community in mind, with a goal of helping others slow down and find joy not just in the plant hobby but in daily life.


Because being busy isn't everything. 

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